Cercle Chateau

Chateau.com rewards your loyalty!

Our loyalty program, “Le Cercle Chateau” is free and you join automatically as soon as you place your first order.
When you buy from Chateau.com, and for each product added to your basket, your account will be credited with a sum which depends on the product selected. You can use this credit in your next order.
Cercle Chateau is not retroactive. Customers who have ordered before it is put in place do not get discount on their old orders.

How do I use my credit?

The value of your credit is automatically deducted from your order.
The credit is valid for 30 days.
The value of your credit is shown in “my account”.

Cercle Chateau and wines futures

When you buy wine futures and not futures in the same order, we have to edit two separate bills. Cercle Chateau's reduction is calculated using the last command, so you will not enjoy all of your discount.
Also we recommend you to spend two separate commands to benefit of all of your discount.

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